Transport service specializes in the transportation of trucking freights throughout Canada, Russia, Europe, Mexico and the U.S. market. We are providing transportation over dimensional shipments require specific understanding of the government regulations and trucks / trailers to accommodate the freight that you are moving.

Express World Inc has long time experience working with dimensional freightsTRUCK FREIGHT

Our superior information of all of the DOT legal sizes on our Canadian, European, Russian, Mexican and U.S highways is invaluable.

Over dimensional freight needs permits and special routing through cities and frequently have to be escorted by pilot cars. Trucks can only travel certain hours of the day for safety reasons. Moving over dimensional freight can be very challenging. Express World Inc can provide you with Door to Door delivery.

Our staff strives to meet all of your transportation needs. Our company goal is to provide you with promised quality services as well as with a fair expense.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns contact our customer service department at: 718-219-3367 / 800-206-5121 or email: